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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. A brief background of The School please?

St Karol School of Nursing (St Karol) is a tertiary co-educational outfit offering degrees of world class standard, which incorporates bi-lingual ability and vehicle driving skills that is relevant and cost effective for individuals who wish to prepare themselves for a fulfilling career in nursing to meet the rapidly changing demands of the health care system.

2. Is the School Government assisted or Private?
St. Karol School of Nursing has private ownership – limited liability company
3. Is the School Catholic?
St. Karol School of Nursing is owned and run by Catholic faithfuls but is not owned by the Catholic Church.
4. Is The School a University?
Yes, St. Karol School of Nursing is the only University in West Africa focused solely on Nursing.
5. Is the School Accredited?
Yes, St. Karol School of Nursing is accredited by the National Accreditation Board (NAB) & the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC) of Ghana
6. Which University is the school affiliated to?
The St. Karol School of Nursing is affiliated to Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi-Ghana.
7. What sort of certificate is awarded upon completion of the course?
An academic and professional certificates
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSc. Nursing) Jointly by KNUST & ST. KAROL
A license to practice nursing certificate issued by the NMC
8. Do I need to write additional examination to obtain the NMC professional license?
Yes, one would need to write and pass the licensure examinations conducted by the NMC.
9. What certification would one have upon completion of the course?
A licensed, a PIN – Personal Identification Number the affirms your status as a professional nurse, this is the certificate issued by the NMC.
10. What if one does not pass the licensure examinations conducted by the NMC upon completion the BSc?
Bachelor of Science Degree in Nursing (BSc. Degree) would be awarded but one cannot practice and remains a student nurse until one rewrites and passes the licensure examinations conducted by the NMC.
11. Who qualifies to write the Licensing Examination with the NMC?
All who are indexed with the NMC at the beginning of their studies, indexation in November every year
12. Can individuals register for indexation directly with the NMC?
13. What is verification?
It is the process of ascertaining the correctness of results. All WASSCE result are verified with the West Africa Examinations Council to ascertain correctness prior forwarding details of all student nurses to the NMC for indexation.
14. Is the BSc. Degree foreign?
No, our graduates are awarded joint certificates by St. Karol School of Nursing and KNUST.
15. Who is eligible for admission?
Senior High School graduates with General Science, Home Economics or General Arts with C6 or better in all grades.
16. What is the entry qualification for the course?
A credit (C6) in all six wassce subjects or better (English, Mathematics & Integrated Science) – the accepted core subject and 3 general science or general arts elective subjects
17. Would I be eligible for admission while awaiting results?
No, conditional offers are not available, you may only apply when your results meet the admission requirements.
18. Would I be eligible for admission while bettering a one or two grades?

No, conditional offers are not offered.

19. What is the minimum duration of the course?
Four years that is a total of 8 Semesters
20. What category of students undergo the minimum duration of the course?
SHS graduates who hold credit (C6) in all six subjects or better (English, Mathematics & Integrated Science) and 3 Elective subjects in the WAEC certificate.
22. What is the maximum duration of the course?
Eight years that is a total of 16 Semesters
23. When does the four years begin to count?

Upon indexation

24. What is indexation?
Indexation is the formal registration of your intent to be a nurse with the Nursing and Midwifery Council.
25. What does indexation afford?
An indexed student nurse status. Indexation offers the opportunity to write and pass the licensure examinations conducted by the NMC. This provides the license to practice nursing in Ghana and confers the professional nursing status.
26. Would I be eligible for indexation while bettering a one or two grades?
No, only WAEC confirmed results as above allow indexation in November once a year.
27. How can one be eligible for indexation?

Be enrolled in the St. Karol with C6 or better in Core English, Mathematics and Integrated Science together with 3other Electives in General Science or Arts.

28. Are Business, Visual Arts and other SHS students eligible for admission?
No, they require passes in 3 General Science or Arts subjects.
29. Does the school have Library facilities?


30. Is there an age limit?

Not really but an age on admission is 16-35years is encouraged

31. Are allowances paid as in the Government subsidized Institutions?


32. Is a students' loan scheme in place as in the Government subsidized Institutions?
33. Are Scholarships and Bursaries available at St. Karol?


34. How much is the tuition per semester?

Please confirm with the office of the registrar

35. Are there any fee payment instalment plans for students?

Yes, please contact the office of the registrar.

36. Does the school have hostel facilities?
Yes, hostel facilities are available and walking distance from the school
36. How many students are allocated to each room?
Four students per room
37. Do student attend classes in uniform?
No, students attend classes in their own clothes
38. Do student attend clinical attachment/internships in uniform?
Yes, students do.
39. How many times per semester do student attend clinical attachment/internships?

Twice, intra-semester attachment and vacation internship

40. Do student have to pay for these attachments / internships?

Yes, Currently Gh¢150.00 per semester (Please confirm with the office of the registrar)

41. Do student ever wear a uniform?
Yes, when on attachment, internship on duty at a facility or as directed by School Authorities.
42. Upon what grounds can my offer be terminated?
•Incompetence – unable to cope with the academic work
•Affordability – unable to meet financial obligations to the school
•Insubordination – unable to conform to school rules, truancy and insubordinate attitudes
•Personal decision – decision to opt out of the program
43. Upon graduation would I be eligible to work in Government Health facility?

Yes, you have the choice to work with both private and public health facilities.

44. Upon graduation would I serve a bond as in Government subsidized Institutions?

No, National Service or Rotation of one year is a requirement by the NMC

45. Does the school offer internship placement?

Yes, the school is affiliated and has internship placement arrangement with 37 Military Hospital, Ghana Police Hospital, Korle-Bu Teaching Hospital, Finney Hospital, several polyclinics in Accra/Tema and the Catholic Hospitals nationwide.

46. How frequent is the admission?
Admissions are conducted in March & September (Please confirm with the registry)
47. What are the available class schedules?
The school currently runs the morning session (Evening/Weekend Sessions are under consideration).

Why choose us?

If you are motivated and committed to caring for people then nursing is the course for you and St. Karol School of Nursing is the school of choice for outstanding training. | More »



St. Karol School of Nursing has excellent facilities for students. These range from our well stocked library, modern lecture halls with multimedia facililies, state of the art computer centre and demostration theatre. | More »


Student Life

Life as a student could be as challenging as it is exciting. This is why you need all the support you can get. Our academic advisers make sure that you make the best of the opportunities available at the school. | More »


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Application Forms for the Bachelor's degree program may be purchased at rates prescribed for both local applicants and for applicants outside Ghana and non-Ghanaians from The Office of the Registrar. | More »
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